During my daily creative process, I like to through some tunes on. I usually choose remixes and just through them into a playlist on soundcloud. I’ve shared a few songs last week, here a few more I stumbled upon while listening to cloud of sound. They are quite different than last week’s.

really!? the smiths!?

It surprised me too! Before you judge me, at first it doesn’t sound like a smiths’ song. Luis Leon flipped this song very well. It has an up-beat sound and is fast pace, to keep you from falling asleep at your desk, which is a must for me. This one is FREE to DL.

rock and edm!!!

I swear it’s a great mix! Morgan J did an amazing job with this remix. The cut up vocals and guitar riff keep the rock vibe while the 4/4 drums and gritty synths bring the edm feel while maintaining the rock vibe. Its also FREE to DL.

it was all a dream!

DON’T WORRY!!! They didn’t ruin a great song. Danny David did a nice remix of the Biggie track. With the vocals being sprinkled throughout the song it keeps the nostalgia of the song with out ruining it. The Drop is heavy af. DL if free.