Mike Parisella otherwise known as @SLIMESUNDAY is a digital artist from Boston, MA. His use of color along with the surrealistic style is sick af. Looking at his work I get very inspired. SLIME_SPREAD01

Oddly enough, he started out doing art when he heard the song Equinox by Skrillex and thought “damn, computers are insane!” outta curiosity he tried to emulate the sounds. He then transitioned into visual arts learning everything on his own.

I’m slaving my ass away on minimum wage hoping I will catch a break. I mean I have a college degree, but that shit’s boring and who needs a degree when art is something you really want to do. – on his day job


He puts in so much time creating art that he says “When I’m supposed to be sleeping my eyes are bleeding from too much synthetic computer screen light.” You really have to put in the work to make it as an artist, and he does.


These are just dope af, the color and the composition is what I really like. They look so simple but yet complex, not sure if that makes sense lol.

how you do this?

Slimesunday even posts time lapses of his process creating. 

C4d process video | music = @skrillex – dnb ting

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