If you don’t know the Back To The Future trilogy, then I’m not sure we can be friends anymore. They premiered in the 80’s and have only gotten more popular since then. (What I wouldn’t do for Nike Air Mags!) The nostalgia in the movie, I mean everyone wants or wanted a Delorean.great_scottThe CREATIVE minds over at DKNG Studios have designed a  6-LP vinyl box set for  Mondo in order to honor the movies. Mondo says, “We’re thrilled to unveil a 6-LP vinyl box set for the trilogy for one of the most celebrated film scores of all time, with music fully restored from original master recordings under the supervision of composer Alan Silvestri.”bttf_spreadThe design is killer! Look at the details all the way down to having the speedometer at 88 mph on one side of the record and the clock on the other. I can’t even count the times I’ve gone 88 mph to try to go back in time


1.21 gigawatts.bttf_spread_3

marty we have to go back!

back to the concept sketches, because every great design has to start somewhere.sketches