A Lake Jasper House just outside of Montréal in Chertsey is suitable for many occasions. Designed by Architecturama, they wanted to make something that would “have a present, living and enthusiastic architecture that engages the senses.” Thus the modular interior and the visual pleasing aesthetic. Lake-Jasper-House-Architecturama-4-600x437

Lake-Jasper-House-Architecturama-14Sticking out from the surrounding greenery, the house has diagonal aqua panels that aren’t only for stylistics but serve the purpose of handrails for the exterior staircase.Lake-Jasper-House-Architecturama-7-600x426The interior seating resembles that of bleachers, but they can be are modular, allowing for you to assemble them in endless configurations such as tables and the like.Lake-Jasper-House-Architecturama-8-600x842

Lake-Jasper-House-Architecturama-15The house looks just as good at night as it does during the day.



Source: Design-Milk.com