“I create art for the 90s”

McFlyy is a Digital Creative doing graphic design, illustration and more recently, music production. Learning photoshop back in the MySpace days by designing layouts and making music pages for rappers.


Taking graphic design and studio art at the Florida State University he learned what was necessary to succeed, but is all self-taught now, saying “school can’t teach you creativity.” McFlyy has a very unique style taking inspo from 90’s culture, music, and T.V. shows like Dragon ball Z, calling his style “A more vector styled animation and super flat.”Unknown-8

“Dragonball Z for sure. That’s just my all time favorite anime, I know I sound like a lame but real n!ggaz know what I’m talking about” – McFlyy on his favorite subject


He gained notoriety from designing Gucci Mane’s Trap God II mixtape cover.

It was seen as blasphemous but glorious.

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Source: MechanicalDummy.com

Images: ItsMcFlyy.com