3D Printers are all the rage right now. They’re kinda like a**holes, everyone has one. Butt the next big thing is laser cutters/engravers, soon enough they will be everywhere, just like my ex #OH. Introducing Mr. Beam, NOT Mr. Bean! This desktop laser machine measures, wait for it, a staggering 28x19x7. Tiny right? Same as my… nvm.

The rest of Mr. Beam’s specs are:

  • Working area: 500x400mm / 20×16″
  • Maximum object height: 38mm / 1 1/2″
  • Powerful 5W high efficiency shortwave laser
  • High precision: 0.2mm cutting kerf, 0.1mm positioning precision
  • Full metal safety housing closed with safety glass lid
  • Laser Class 1 certified
  • Fume extraction with optional attachable filter system
  • Camera assisted design placement
  • Fully assembled and ready to use


The included software makes it easy af to use. Also it can cut a large array of materials as can be seen below.


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Source: Kickstarter.com