(The Image above is from Red Shine at Night)

Andre Larcev is, as his Instagram and Facebook describe, a sound producer/designer currently residing in Moscow. He definitely has his own style when it comes to designing. Type is prominent in his work, using it to add more depth and dimension to photos and other forms of art, as well as color pops. Check out some of his work below.

a095b525082233.56353300d96e1 dd723825082233.56353309901d8From his series All Black but Gold


2ecd9322099891.5630c9aaeb7c0 f12f2922099891.5630c9ab0b245From his Nature series


35919a31967793.56ef1c93c66ad d6f8ff31967793.56689c7860baaHis take on YZY Season 1


1d7bd621737607.563530c7432ba e3bc6d21737607.563530bdb06ccFlowers series



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Source: Bechance.net