Dubai-based designer Aloud Lootah is quite the artist when it comes to geometric design. Taking inspiration from arabesque, her latest collection, Double Square, begins with two squares, one turned 45 degrees from the other, forming an 8 point star. From this foundation she is able to expand the design into many configurations. Each piece in the collection is made from Carrara marble, adding a touch of elegancy to already great design.

Double-Square-Aljoud-Lootah-3-stool-600x803 Double-Square-Aljoud-Lootah-6-stool-600x900Unfolding Unity Stool


Double-Square-Aljoud-Lootah-14-600x770 Double-Square-Aljoud-Lootah-13-600x900Double Square Lamp


Double-Square-Aljoud-Lootah-8-table-600x805 Double-Square-Aljoud-Lootah-11-table-600x382Double Square Table


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