Face it, CREATIVES often need help to stimulate their minds. With the rise of the topic of marijuana legalization, herb connoisseurs need a way to be fancy while getting stimulated. Ya know, “when in doubt pinky out” type of fancy. What better name to cater to the market than Bob Marley. The lifestyle brand, Marley Natural, has all-natural, locally-sourced, sun-grown cannabis flower and oil, a naturally-derived and beautifully branded line of body care products that blend hemp seed oil with Jamaican botanicals, as well as a collection of smoking accessories developed with sustainable and local grown wood and heat-resistant, hand-blown glass.


“The movement to legalize is very much well alive. Bob is the perfect frontrunner for the advocacy of marijuana being legal, and use of the plant, in many different ways—medicinal and spiritual.

He would be honored to be the champion of the use of marijuana. He would be very proud of this moment.” – Stephan (Son of Bob Marley)

28baa46b-b2c3-4565-a468-d079bdacfc59SPOON PIPE $68.00

These Pipes, storage, and preparation accessories are simplistic and so elegant that you can leave them out as part of your office decor. If you are a fan of design, you’ll love these.

e130160c-0d83-40d1-9d4e-8e06d6f3983aSMALL CASE $52.00

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Source: Trendland.com