a95bf644f242b02d6e4db88ff0175b73_originalAs creatives, we tend to be on the go a lot. KANCHA is an accessory company that specializes in the tech realm. Their products range from camera straps to laptop sleeves to wallets. The newest item coming to the line up via Kickstarter.com is “The Grid” a modular backpack meant for what they call the Urban Nomad. The Urban Nomad is described as

“…who can carry his office in a backpack.

…who feels at home everywhere.

…who lives in the present to shape the future.”


The bag may not be indestructible like your old Nokia phone, but it will keep everything safe.


The modular set-up of the bag allows for you to get the D (Designs, you nasty #WINK) or go for a night on the town.



The Grid has 3 compartments inside to stow away your flask, greens, and Nokia brick phone, the bag also keeps your laptop protected #OH.


For around $140 USD you can buy the backpack. To Back the project and get more information check out the Kickstarter.